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02:07 PM, November 7, 2016
Lithuania To Acquire Sniper Rifles From UK's Accuracy International
Lithuania To Acquire Sniper Rifles From UK's Accuracy International

Lithuania has acquired sniper rifles worth Euro 1.3 million from an UK based firm, Accuracy International Ltd that are capable of using munitions of two different calibres by only changing the barrel.

The AXMC sniper rifles can use munitions of two different calibres, 338 Lapua Magnum or 308 Win, by only changing the barrel and the barrel, a several minutes-long that can be completed in field conditions, , Lithuanian Ministry of Defense said in a statement Friday.

AXMC sniper rifles have been brought to Lithuania in early November. By the end of the year the rifles well approved by other NATO allies’ militaries will be distributed among battalions and training facilities of the Lithuanian Land Forces

Until now the Lithuanian Land Force did not have sniper rifles and used FN SCAR-H PR semi-automatic precision rifles instead. AXMC sniper rifles have more than a double effective range as compared to the FN SCAR-H PR 600 metres. 

“AXMC rifle has a powerful Kahles sight and night vision. The new weapon will allow Lithuanian Land Force personnel destroy targets at nearly 1.5-kilometre distance both during the day and at night,” Master Sergeant Ernestas Kuckailis, expert of sniper and precision rifles with Juozas Lukša Warfare Training Centre, Lithuanian Land Force, says. 

Once equipped with the sniper rifles, Juozas Lukša Warfare Training Centre of the Lithuanian Land Force will begin training qualification of sniper. According to Sergeant Major E. Kuckailis, the training of snipers have many similarities with that of scouts: they have to move in small groups in a territory without being traced, to insert into enemy’s back area, to report on targets and adjust indirect fire, to detect vital targets and neutralise critical personnel of enemy forces with precision fire.

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