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09:55 AM, November 9, 2016
Philippines Cancels Purchase Of 26,000 Assault Rifles From US, May Buy From Russia
M16A2/A4 assault rifle

Philippines will cancel the purchase of 26,000 assault rifles from the US after the sale was halted by the US state department and would instead purchase weapons from Russia.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the Philippine National Police (PNP) to cancel their planned purchase of some 26,000 M-4 assault rifles from the US. The deal was earlier stopped by the US State Department after a US senator voiced concerns over human rights violations in the Philippines, ABS-CBN reported Tuesday.

"I would like to announce now, that the 26,000 M16s that was maybe ordered, or were ordered already, I am ordering its cancellation," Duterte said. "We will just have to look for another source that is cheaper and maybe as durable and as good."

Duterte earlier this month had said that military officials will look into possible procurement of weapons from Russia or China. "Remember what the Russian diplomat said? 'Come to Russia. We have here anything you need,'" he said.

Duterte has doused its traditional ally, Washington, with vitriol as the Filipino leader said the US has been treating the Philippines "like a dog on a leash."

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