Russia Likely To Restart Negotiation With Iran On Hamadan Airbase Use

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  • 11:26 AM, November 14, 2016
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Russia Likely To Restart Negotiation With Iran On Hamadan Airbase Use
Russian TU-22M Bombers Spotted AT Hamadan Air Base In Iran

Russia would likely to resume negotiation with Iran on use of Hamadan airbase for anti-terror operations in Syria.

Iran allowed Russia's Aerospace Forces to operate from the base in the mountainous western Hamadan province in mid-August. The jets returned to Russia a week later, after completing their anti-terror mission, which targeted jihadists in Syria.

"After the ratification of the agreement on Hmeimim airbase in Syria, there is no need to use the Iranian air harbor, but it is possible that, given the level of our cooperation, we could return to the negotiations on the issue with Iran," Russian upper house of parliament's defense committee chair Viktor Ozerov was quoted as saying by Sputnik News Monday.

Last month both houses of the Russian parliament ratified an agreement with Syria, authorizing the indefinite deployment of a Russian air group at the Hmeimim airbase, Ozerov told reporters on a visit to Iran.

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