Greece Receives First Three Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopters From US

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  • 02:12 PM, November 14, 2016
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Greece Receives First Three Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopters From US
Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter

Greece has received the first three Boeing CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters following an agreement with the United States signed earlier this year.

The parts of the choppers arrived Friday from the US to Piraeus port on the Endurance ship, owned by American company ARC.

The Chinooks will be assembled at the port before they are dispatched to their destined units.

The deal includes the acquisition of 10 Chinook helicopters plus five more which will be donated by the United States, Tornosnews reported Friday.

The helicopters will be used by the Air Force and will be stationed in Pachi Megaron, creating a new battalion of transport helicopters.

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