Russia To Modernize T-80 Main Battle Tanks With New Engines, Fire-Control Systems

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  • 01:00 PM, November 15, 2016
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Russia To Modernize T-80 Main Battle Tanks With New Engines, Fire-Control Systems
Russian T-80BV main battle tanks

The Russian Defense Ministry, Omsktransmash and tank repair factory at St. Petersburg have completed all the procedures for signing a contract to modernize the main battle tank (MBT) T-80BV.

The tanks will be upgraded with new engines that will consume lesser fuel. They will also be accompanied by fire-control systems and other enhanced protection capabilities. The first units are expected to be delivered to the Russian Army in early 2017, Izvestia reported Tuesday.

Specifically, a gas turbine engine GTD-1000T and GTD-1000TF on the old T-80BV with capacity 1000-1100 hp will be replaced by 1,250 hp GTD-1250 for higher performance.

Besides, the fire control system (FCS), T-80s will be integrated with thermal imaging viewfinder, laser distance measurement device and automatic target stick. Tanks will also be equipped proactive defense system (Shtora-1 or Arena) and Relic explosive reactive armor against rocket or missile type kill enemy increased.

"Currently the preparations to embark on a series of upgraded T-80 has been completed" , general engineer of the design team T-80 tanks, said Alexander Umansky was quoted as saying to Izvestia .

"Starting next year, Omsktransmash Joint Stock Company will start repair and modernization of T-80 tanks, as well as the exact number of the schedule will be provided for the Russian Defense Ministry,” said Alexander.

After the upgrade, the Russian army will receive modern tanks have the ability to work well at lower temperatures than others. "In the army, tanks T-80 always occupied a special place" , said Sergei Maeva - Former leader General Increase armored Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian Army had planned to restore operations for T-80BV tanks in 2002, but due to difficulties the project got delayed until now.

As part of the program, 3,000 T-80 tanks were tested with the new compartment, the main cannon was replaced to shoot more powerful special ammunition. It also upgraded power systems and defense along with a few other enhancements, making T-80BV combat performance not inferior version of the latest T-90.

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