China Exported More Than 20 Military 1,000 Tonnage Ships Till Date

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  • 10:12 AM, November 18, 2016
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China Exported More Than 20 Military 1,000 Tonnage Ships Till Date
Nigeria Navy P18N OPV

China has exported more than 20 military ships - with a tonnage around 1,000 tons and above till date, according to China Central Television (CCTV) reports.

The exports have been carried out to countries that include Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria.

Earlier this month, the NNS Unity, the second P18N offshore patrol vessel built by China's Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co Ltd (WSIC) for Nigerian Navy arrived at Lagos, the largest port city of Nigeria.

Pakistan has got seven frigates made in Pakistan in collaboration with China costing about $200 million per ship.

Bangladesh Navy bought two Chinese made frigates in 2014. It plans to buy two additional Type 053H2 frigates costing an overall $420 million. Bangladesh took delivery on Monday of its first submarines, bought from China. Bangladesh paid $203 million for the construction of two submarines.

Thailand’s MoD will buy three submarines from China for a price of $1 billion. Thailand in early 1990s acquired several warships from China, including four Chao Phraya/Kraburi-class frigates.

There are no conditions attached to the export of any equipment or technology from China, Du Wenlong, a researcher with the PLA Academy of Military Science was quoted as saying by Chinamil Tuesday.

He also claims China's military technological cooperation with other countries does not aim to forge military alliances as alleged by China's detractors. He said China's decision to export warships is based on the importers' specifications and military needs.

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