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04:51 PM, November 18, 2016
Safran To Export Sigma 30 Artillery Navigation And Pointing System
Safran’s Sigma 30 artillery navigation and pointing system

Safran Electronics & Defense has won an export contract to supply several dozen Sigma 30 systems for mobile counter-battery radars deployed by a foreign army.

The Sigma 30 navigation and pointing system addresses the diverse requirements of artillery units, especially in terms of accuracy and speed, the company announced today.

Integrated in mobile radar systems, Sigma 30 helps determine the precise location of enemy batteries, as soon as it detects any firing.

Designed to optimize the operational deployment of artillery units and their intelligence systems, Sigma 30 gives combat platforms an autonomous engagement capability, even when there are no GPS signals.

Sigma 30 has ability to resist the harsh environments typical of military environments. Forces in the field favor this system because of its ability to be integrated in latest-generation digital networks for artillery units.

This latest contract further consolidates its offering of navigation and pointing systems that cover the entire operational spectrum for artillery units.

It also confirms the status of Sigma 30 as a global benchmark for all types of artillery: ground survey vehicles, ground and surface-to-air artillery batteries (Caesar, 2R2M, Archer, PzH2000, Mars II, VL MICA, etc.), and their associated radars.

Sigma 30 systems benefit from Safran's world-class R&D centers and the Coriolis facility in Montluçon, where these systems are integrated. 

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