Israel Aerospace Industries' Barak-1 Anti-Missile Ship-Point Defense System Successfully Completes Series of Live Fire Tests

  • (Source: Israel Aerospace Industries)
  • 12:00 AM, October 30, 2008
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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Barak-1 ship-point defense system successfully completed a series of four live fire tests with the Israeli Navy and a foreign naval customer. The tests included the use of fire control radars and three different surveillance radars produced by IAI's ELTA Systems Group.>> During the series of test firings IAIs Barak-1 missiles successfully shot down all incoming attack missiles. The tests were performed by two different navies from three ships (two firings were from the same ship).>> The tests were conducted under different scenarios (including salvo mode) and against two target types, (including sea skimming missiles some in maneuvering scenarios).>> The Barak weapon system is a highly advanced ship-borne anti-missile ship-point defense system, as well as an anti-air/anti-surface gunnery control system. The system provides ready effective 360 defense against sea-skimming missiles, cruise missiles, smart bombs and fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.>> The systems feature: vertical launcher; rapid lean-over towards target; Command to Line-of-Sight (CLOS) guidance; all-weather day/night operation; intercept range from minimum 500 meters to 10 km; light-weight and modular; 8-64 rounds.>> Barak-1 systems are manufactured by IAI Ltd., in collaboration with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. IAIs MBT Missiles Division is the prime contractor. IAI's ELTA Systems Group produces the systems fire control and surveillance radars.>> The Barak system is in operation with the Israel Navy and other modern fleets.
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