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03:55 PM, November 24, 2016
China Test Fires Long Range Hypersonic Missile From J-16 Fighter Jet
Chinese J-16 strike fighter

China has test fired hypersonic air-to-air missile that could hit targets upto 300 miles away.

The hypersonic missile, which was test fired from J-16 strike fighter, is 19 feet long and about 13 inches in diameters, the experts said after analyzing the photo. Hence it was concluded that it can hit targets up to 300 miles away.

This missile launched earlier this month could outrange any air to air missile that either NATO or America owns, Popular Science reported Wednesday.

According to a PopSci report by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer, “The very long range air to air missile (VLRAAM's) rocket engine will push it to Mach 6 speeds, which will increase the no escape zone (NEZ) that is the area where a target cannot outrun the missile, against even supersonic targets like stealth fighters."

The new missile also has an updated radar system, and an infrared/electro-optical seeker (visible under the yellow-orange cover on the forward section above the nosecone), and satellite navigation system. Once close to its target, the missile’s lateral thrusters boost its maneuverability.

A 2015 study in a Chinese scientific journal has mentioned particulars of the missile’s flight path. The journal showed a VLRAAM, flying 15 km upward once it is released by a fighter jet, reaching a 30 km altitude.

Then, the missile is guided by a combination of long range radars and satellite navigation, before divebombing at hypersonic speeds onto enemy aircraft, including stealth fighters, stealth bombers and AEWC aircraft.

The test flight follows weeks after Russia has launched a supersonic missile that could reach the UK in 13 minutes.

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