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02:26 PM, November 25, 2016
IS Militants Stole Russian Kalashnikov Assault Rifles, RPG-7 Grenade Launchers: Russian Media
RPG-7 Grenade Launchers

Russian weapons that Islamic State (IS) militants have stolen include Kalashnikov assault rifles and RPG-7 shoulder-launched anti-tank grenade launchers, according to documents obtained by Sputnik Arabic from Iraq’s city of Mosul.

Apart from Kalashnikov assault rifles, RPG-7 shoulder-launched anti-tank grenade launchers, other documents specify registration numbers of bullpup straight-pull bolt-action rifles, VSSK Vykhlop magazine-fed sniper rifles and other weaponry, Sputnik News reported today.

Obtained documents by Sputnik Arabic has also revealed the full names of IS militants, names of the units of terrorist organizations and their heads.

One of the documents found in one of IS's bunkers in the south-east city of Mosul, shows a list of Daesh militants, each of whom is in possession of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and five replaceable magazines.

The terrorists have obtained the Russian-made weapons from military depots in Iraq and from terrorists in Syria after IS captured vast territories in these two countries.

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