Complete List Of 36 Indian Defense Ministry Approved FDI, JVs For Equipment Manufacturing

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  • 06:56 PM, November 25, 2016
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Complete List Of 36 Indian Defense Ministry Approved FDI, JVs For Equipment Manufacturing
Make In India Tableau on display during 66th Republic Day

India has so far approved 36 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)/ Joint Venture proposals in defense sector for the manufacture of defense equipment, both with Indian Public and Private Companies as on March 2016.

This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre in the parliament Friday.

The FDI/JVs include; Co-development & Co-production of a Multirole Transport Aircraft of 15-20 Ton category jointly with Russian partners, Development and Manufacture of high technology miniature electronic modules and Avionic systems for aerospace applications by HAL/Edgewood Technologies.

Design, Development, market and Support products such as Aircraft Simulators and Services and to subsequently enhance the scope of products to airborne avionics Products. Development of State of the Art technology by HALBIT Avionics.

Design, Development, marketing, supply and support of civilian and select defence Radars for Indian and global markets by Bharat Electronics.

Manufacture of optical goods and equipment and optical instruments by Alpha-ITL Electro Optics.

Radar, EW Systems, Electronics Communication systems by HBL Elta Avionics Systems.

To provide complete support for Light Weight Howitzer and other small & medium caliber weapons programs, inclusive of engineering, design & development, manufacturing services and upgrading by BF Systems.

Production, assembling, testing, repair and support for EW equipment and systems for land/ shipbased/ airbased platforms by Alpha Electronica Defence Systems.

Manufacture of bodies (including Cabs) designed to be mounted on motor vehicles chassis for special purpose motor lorries, armoured cars etc by Armet Armored Vehicles (India).

Development, Manufacture & selling of helmet mounted sight display by Samtel Thales Avionics.

Design, development, manufacture & supply of components & sub-systems for wireless communication for application in defence, space & cellular communication by Astra Micro wave Products.

Manufacture & marketing of defence equipment in the land sector by Mahindra Defense systems.

Armour panel for helicopter, and Body armour by Taneja Aerospace & Aviation.

Manufacturing, Designing, Selling, Undertaking Overhauling and Maintenance Activities for all kind of Engg. And Technology Related Equipment and Products including Aircrafts by Vyoneesh Technologies.

Engaged in engineering, procurement and construction services in the telecommunication, power transmission and distribution, water and sewerage sectors, manufactures telecommunications and power transmission towers, research, development and manufacture of active telecommunications infrastructure and equipment for a variety of sectors including defence related telecommunications equipment by ICOMM Tele.

Manufacturing of entire range of Textile Spinning machinery. Proposed additional activities: manufacturing of parts, components and accessories for aircraft and spacecraft to supplied to civil and defence sector by Lakshmi Machine Works.

Design, manufacture, supply procurement and life cycle support of advanced aerospace and aero structures items for defence aircrafts, helicopters, and unmanned airborne vehicles including empennages and centre wing boxes by Tata Aerostuctures.

Manufacturing, distributing, and marketing of products in the market segments of electronic warfare, military avionics, mobile systems (defence related) and radars by Larson & Toubro.

Shipbuilding, ship repair and other proposed Defence products by ABG Shipyard.

Manufacture of different types of Unmanned Aerial Systems and accessories by Jubilant Aeronautics.

Existing activities: Engaged in the business of manufacture and export of high precision parts for automotive, material handling, general engineering purposes. Proposed additional activities: to manufacture parts and accessories of aircraft and spacecraft by Maini Precision Products.

Engaged in the business of defence Avionics solution provider and proposed activities to manufacture of onboard/data acquisitions systems, avionics, timing products, time code readers, ground based telemetry systems and other electronic aerospace and defence equipment by Park Controls & Communications.

Proposed activities to engage in civil & defence aviation filed with focus on product support services, repair and maintenance facility, providing training solutions in project by Rossell Aviation.

To engage in the business of undertaking final assembly of both military and civil versions of Agusta Westland’s AW119 Kx Helicopters by Indian Rotorcraft.

To develop, manufacture and provide service support for radar systems and various kinds of defence electronic systems and various kinds of defence electronic systems by Mahindra Defence Systems.

Manufacture of parts for civilian aircrafts and proposed activity to design, development, engineering, manufacturing, integration, assembly, testing and inspection and fixed-wing aircrafts), including products such as aerospace and aero structures components, kits and accessories in the defence sector by Tara Aerospace Systems.

Defense production by Larsen & Toubro.

Engaged in the business of design, development, manufacture, assembly, repair and overhaul of the equipment of telecommunication and avionics used in aircrafts, radars and other electrical and electronics defence components, aggregates and equipment in India by Space Era Materials and Processes.

Manufacturing, assembling, marketing, trading, dealing in, import and export of tracks and parts thereof and running gear components required for the defence sector by Track Systems India.

Manufacturing of advanced electronic systems, test systems, simulators and electronic systems for military applications by Amertec Systems.

Manufacture of wiring, cable and harness for aeronautics and defence sectors (civil and military) and test benches by Hical Technologies.

Manufacture of Artillery Guns/Howitzers, Mortars, Ammunition, manufacture of Tactically protected vehicles by BF Elbit Advanced Systems.

Assembly/Manufacturing of Cable Assembly, interconnection systems, Electrical & Electronic Panels for Aerospace & Defense applications and proposed activity of manufacturing of Electronic Warfare Sub-systems, Automatic Test Equipment, Avionics & Radar Sub-Systems, Unmanned Vehicle Sub-Systems, Command & Control Systems and Navigational Sub-systems and related parts and accessories for Airborne, Ground & Naval application in addition to existing activities by SasMos Het Technologies.

Manufacturing for Indian Defence Sector including defence aerospace and participate in offset program by Quest Global Manufacturing.

Existing Manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems mainly supplied to defence sector by Ideaforge Technology and

Set up a simulator manufacturing company in India for various applications including military and commercial use by Quantum Simulators. 

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