S Korea Wants To Prevent 60 Submarine Components From Reaching North

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  • 02:13 PM, December 8, 2016
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S Korea Wants To Prevent 60 Submarine Components From Reaching North
North Korea’s Romeo-class submarines are similar to Chinese Type 033.
South Korea has unveiled a list of 60 submarine components Thursday that need to be banned from reaching North Korea. This is a follow-up step after the United Nations adopted a new round of sanctions over Pyongyang's latest nuclear test, Yonhap News Agency reported today. The items on the watch list are those that could contribute to the North's development of a ballistic missile submarine program, but haven't been blacklisted by the international non-proliferation regime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The list intends to warn the international community against selling such components to Pyongyang. South Korea has considered to share the list with other countries and also to actively push to have the listed items designated by the countries as materials sanctioned from shipment to North Korea. Included on the list are steel plates, acoustic coating and underwater communication systems, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. "Banning the items can help prevent North Korea from improving its submarine-launched ballistic missile capabilities by encouraging tighter control of key components," the ministry said. The North test fired three ballistic missiles from submarines this year, with the one tested on Aug. 24 flying some 500 kilometers. The latest action followed the U.N. Security Council's approval of Resolution 2321. The punitive resolution, adopted in response to the North's defiant nuclear test on Sept. 9, is focused on cutting North Korea's coal exports to China as a means to dry up funds flowing to Pyongyang's nuclear weapons development. Right after the adoption, South Korea unveiled its own set of sanctions against North Korea with an aim to deplete the North's foreign currency earnings.
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