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10:15 AM, December 14, 2016
Lithuania Purchases Saab's RBS 70 Missile Simulators
RBS 70 Missile Simulator

Lithuania has placed an order for Saab-made RBS 70 missile simulators in order to enhance the country's air defense capabilities.

Included in the contract are simulators, training services and spare parts and deliveries will take place during 2018, the company announced Tuesday.

Saab will work together with the Lithuanian-based Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI) on the integration of customised 3D-maps into the RBS 70 simulators, so as to visualize real operational environments for their armed forces.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will have a significantly improved training capability with this integration.

“The 3D maps developed by our local partner BPTI give them a realistic training environment. They can then practice their deployment and engagement of targets in an exact ‘virtual’ replication of the real world environment that they operate in.” Saab missile systems marketing chief Michael Höglund said.

The Ministry of National defense continues to modernize the RBS 70 systems which are in service of the Lithuanian Armed forces. This contract with Saab will provide the soldiers with advanced simulators.

“These assets will reduce the training costs and allow us to maintain a high level of soldiers’ readiness”, said LTC Juris Gvozdas, deputy director of Weaponry and Control Systems Department.

The new RBS 70 simulator will allow training a potential missile operator to engage the most difficult targets. The PC-based simulator has a large number of flight paths, and the instructor can create any aerial threat situation with various kinds of targets.

The Saab portfolio of short-range, ground-based air defence missile systems includes the RBS 70 and the latest version, RBS 70 NG.

The RBS 70 system has an impressive track-record with more than 1,600 launchers and over 17,000 missiles delivered to nineteen countries.

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