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12:54 PM, December 16, 2016
StandardAero Wins USAF Contract To Support Rolls Royce T56 Engine Module
T56 Engine

StandardAero has won a contract from the US Air Force to perform Rolls-Royce T56 engine module and maintenance.

The one-year contract is a "bridge” contract that sustains T56 overhauls while the USAF prepares for a future commercial competition that will result in a multi-year maintenance contract, the company announced Thursday.

This contract award follows a USAF contract award in March of this year for performing T56 engine upgrades, known as the model 3.5 upgrade, which improves fuel efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, increases reliability and enhances performance.

StandardAero will be the sole T56 engine depot for the USAF and Navy in 2017, and work will be performed at Port San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas and Winnipeg, Canada.

The T56 is a single shaft, modular design, turboprop engine with a 14-stage axial flow compressor driven by a four-stage turbine unit. The gearbox has two stages of gear reduction, features a propeller brake and is connected to the power section by a torquemeter assembly. Other engine modules are the can-annular type combustor and the accessory drive housing.

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