First Prototype Of Indian LCA-Tejas Mk2 Fighter Slated For 2018-19, Serial Production By 2020

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  • 08:41 AM, December 28, 2016
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First Prototype Of Indian LCA-Tejas Mk2 Fighter Slated For 2018-19, Serial Production By 2020
LCA-Tejas Mk2 fighter

The first Prototype of India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Tejas Mk2 version is slated for built during 2018-19, while series production(s) are planned for Inducting to fleet which is stated to be taken up in two phases commencing from 2020 onwards.

“Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is a principal partner in design, development, manufacturing, integration and flight testing of LCA. We have taken up development and Qualification of certain LRUs required for LCA-Mk 2 version,” the company said in a RFP issued last Saturday for the development and supply of Progressive Pressure Control Valve (PPCV) for equipping in LCA Mk 2 version.

Currently, there is an anticipated requirement of 93 A/c sets (83 A/c sets and float quantity of 10 A/c sets) for series production programme expected to commence from year 2019. During series production programme, Purchase orders are planned to be placed for annual requirement depending upon the number of aircraft to be produced in each year based on customer orders. Issue of this RFQ does not create any obligation whatsoever on HAL to place orders for series production.

The annual ordering will be taken up at appropriate time based on the production planned at that point of time. The commercial evaluation shall be carried at the economic level of point of ordering. If any of the vendor does not provide the price at the economic level of point of ordering, then the quoted price shall be escalated to the economic level of point of ordering by considering max escalation factor (cap on escalation) provided by the Vendor. In case vendor does not provide max escalation factor, then the highest escalation factor provided by the competing vendors against this tender from any part of the world shall be considered for commercial evaluation of your offer.

The PPCV shall be designed for 280 bar (4000 psi) class type II aircraft hydraulic system in accordance with SAE AS 5440 &SAE AS 8584 and shall meet the requirements of SAE-AS-8775 for hydraulic system components.

The valve has dual role for parking and emergency braking. The valve is used in the brake system during parking and emergency braking. It shall supply hydraulic power to the brakes for parking the aircraft and it shall be able to modulate the brake pressure as per the pilot input transmitted through a cable. The valve shall be securely mounted to the aircraft structure. Pilot can operate the valve for braking through a cable connected between cockpit control and valve handle. For emergency braking, the pilot pulls the control cable in-order to apply brakes progressively and for parking, pilot pulls the cockpit handle for a travel of 35mm and turns 90 deg clockwise to lock. The hydraulic pressure supply to the progressive pressure control valve is from a dedicated accumulator. The valve shall be so designed that the leakages during fully released condition and parked condition should be zero so that the cumbersome process of accumulator charging is avoided daily.

HAL eyes to enter into a long term business agreement with the vendor covering various aspects including supply of 5 a/c sets of items for Development Phase against firm order and subsequently against anticipated orders for series production.

Further HAL is also required to undertake the following during the production phase: a) Repair/ overhaul/ servicing of these items by HAL at its facilities under Transfer of Technology (TOT) agreement. b) Phased manufacture of items under a separate Transfer of Technology (TOT) agreement. c) Supplies and Services needed from your firm for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) of these items for full operational life of the aircraft.

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