Irkut MC-21 Airliner’s Third and Fourth Prototypes Assembly Underway

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  • 11:25 AM, December 30, 2016
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Irkut MC-21 Airliner’s Third and Fourth Prototypes Assembly Underway
MC-21 prototype in assembly line at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

Irkut Corporation has begun manufacturing components for MC-21 airliner’s third and fourth prototype.

As per the presentation on MC-21 program status published in company’s website, Irkut has begun manufacturing process of МС-21-300-0003 and МС-21-300-0004 components, units, and assembling of MC-21-300-0003 aircraft is currently being performed at its Plant.

Ulyanovsk-based Aviastar-SP, the largest supplier under the MC-21 program, plans to ship a set of elements for third prototype, MC-21-300 baseline version, to Irkutsk Aviation Plant next year.

Kommersant daily reported earlier that OEM Irkut Corporation aims to build four production MC-21s by 2018. Production rate is expected to reach 20 airframes by 2020, and around 70 by 2033. The company’s existing production capacities allow for building 10 MC-21 aircraft annually. 

Aircraft of the first series will be powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1400G-JM turbofan engines. Later on, operators will be able to choose Russian-built PD-14 powerplants.

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