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02:43 PM, January 9, 2017
Russia To Replace CCTV With Electromagnetic System To Detect Intruders

The Russian Defense Ministry will receive new Redan-125 electromagnetic security systems that can resist any kind of intruders from sneaking into military facilities.

The Redan-125 consisting of modules, which resemble lanterns, would be put on the facility or hang on the wall, creating an electromagnetic barrier capable of detecting intruders even underground, Sputnik News reported.

The signal is transmitted to a tablet that shows the contours of a person and the direction of his or her movement.

"Currently, all works on the development of the product have been completed, it passed through all tests and proved its characteristics," the press service of the Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering (NIKIRET) said.

The new system is more beneficial than CCTV and lasers, which have blind spots or depend on weather conditions.

Details of how much coverage each of the modules can provide has not been revealed.

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