Thailand Terminates Ukrainian Tanks Contract, To Buy From China

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  • 02:23 PM, January 10, 2017
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Thailand Terminates Ukrainian Tanks Contract, To Buy From China
T-84U tank Ukranian armed forces T-84U tank (Image: Grigoriy Vasilenko for Ria Novosti)

Thailand’s ministry of defense has terminated the contract to buy Ukrainian tanks due to the failure of supplies of the equipment from the Kiev’s side.

According to the contract signed in 2011, the Thai army was to receive 49 tanks by October 2017. With supply problems faced by the Ukrainian side, it could provide only 20 of them. According to Vesti-Ukr news daily, the reason was the failure of supplies of equipment , the contract has been terminated, Ria Novosti reported Tuesday.

Thailand will now buy VT-4 tanks from China. Thai Defense Minister Vongsumon visited China, and chose the producer because of the price-quality ratio, according to Bangkok Post. Also, China will become a consultant in Thailand on joint investments in tank and user machines. The contract was signed for the supply of 28 units of VT-4 technology with the possibility of increasing the number of units purchased in the future.

According to General Vongsumona, the main problem in picking the country's army became konrakt with Ukraine, which was to put the Thai army in October 2017 49 Hold tanks, but after including the supply problems began, the Army Committee of the country. We decided to reduce the number of tanks purchased in Ukraine and instead buy from China. The situation with the supply was mainly due to the internal situation in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense said. 

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