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09:22 AM, January 18, 2017
RADA To Supply Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar Systems To A Far-East Nation
Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar system (Image: RADA)

RADA has received an order for its Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar-based (MHR) RPS-42 radar system, to be used by a Far-East Country, for the development and testing of its High Energy Laser (HEL) ground-based tactical weapon system.

According to Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO, “There are about ten HEL development programs in the Western world; and we are currently involved in four such programs, as well as being in advanced discussions with additional four integrators in the Far East, Europe and the USA.”

Ground-Based tactical HEL systems are able to produce precise and tailored effects against multiple targets, they support ‘speed-of- light’ responsiveness and have deep magazines. These disruptive capabilities allow them to support a wide range of missions and create military technology ‘breakout’. Moreover, their significant lower cost per shot compared to expendable kinetic munitions, has the potential to change the economics of war.

Typically, such weapons would be used against tactical, low-cost and short-range threats, which endanger the maneuver force, such as rockets, mortars (C-RAM mission) and UAVs (C-UAV mission).

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