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09:31 AM, January 20, 2017
Crowley Awarded $47 Mln For Maintenance Of Five T-AGOS, Two T-AGM Ships
Navy Ocean Surveillance Ships (T-AGOS)

Crowley is being awarded a $47 million contract to exercise a one-year option period for the operation and maintenance of five Navy Ocean Surveillance Ships (T-AGOS) and two Missile Range Instrumentation Ships (T-AGM). 

Work is expected to be completed by Jan. 21, 2018.

The Navy’s Military Sealift Command is the contracting activity.

Ocean surveillance ships gather underwater acoustical data. The T-AGOS ships are operated by Military Sealift Command to support the anti-submarine warfare mission of the commanders of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.

The two classes (Victorious class and Impeccable class) of surveillance ships use surveillance towed-array sensor system (SURTASS) equipment to gather undersea acoustic data. The ships also carry electronic equipment to process and transmit that data via satellite to shore stations for evaluation. 

Victorious-class ocean surveillance ships are built on a small-waterplane, twin-hull, or SWATH, design for greater stability at slow speeds in high latitudes under adverse weather conditions. Impeccable has a hull form based on that of Victorious, but has a more powerful propulsion plant and is designed specifically for deploying an additional active towed-array system.

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