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10:05 AM, January 24, 2017
Ukrainian Authorities Caught Iran Importing Missile Components From Kiev Airport
A photo released by the DPSU shows components from 9P135-series ground launching systems found on the Iran-bound airliner on 19 January,

Ukrainian border guard authorities late last week seized 17 boxes containing missile systems components on an Iran-bound airliner.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (DPSU) released photos on 20 January showing missile system components found on an aircraft that was about to leave Kiev's Zulyany airport for Iran, IHS Jane’s 360 reported Monday.

The DPSU personnel while inspecting the aircraft had found 17 boxes with no accompanying documents, which the aircraft's crew said contained an aircraft repair kit. Three boxes contained components that were believed to be for a Fagot anti-tank guided missile system, the rest contained aircraft parts, according to the report.

Days after this finding, the DPSU said that it had confirmed the missile components were destined for Iran’s Fagot system, the report added.

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