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12:02 PM, January 24, 2017
India's DRDO Develops Two Explosive-Defusing Robot
DRDO's 'Daksh' robot

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed two robots “Daksh Mini” and “Daksh Scout” that are capable of detecting and defusing improvised explosive devices (IED) on aircraft and trains.

The two robots, which are easy to carry and use in any situation, are result of two years extensive research, Times of India reported today.

“These robots can become decisive factors for the security agencies and forces in near future,” Director-General of Armament and Combat Engineering (ACE) division said. The two new robots are continuation of Daksh Robot Series, which are being used by army. The series of Daksh robots were developed by the laboratory few years ago.

“It is always challenging and a high risk task for the security personnel to operate in confined spaces.  In such circumstances, Daksh Mini can be used as it is a remotely operated vehicle that has capacity to detect, handle and defuse IEDs and other suspect objects.

Daksh Mini is equipped with six axis telescopic manipulator arm with high resolution cameras. "Besides, the robot's modular flipper-based design enables it to overcome obstacles and climb stairs," the official added.

Daksh Scout robot is also a remotely operated vehicle and capable of silent surveillance in day and night. It is portable and capable of being deployed in cross country areas and confined spaces like within culverts.

"Since it can be operated from a distance of 200m, it will be useful for surveillance operations," the source added.

Since both the robots are indigenously developed, they would be cost-effective. The in-house trials of the robots have been positive and have met all the desired results so far.

"The National Security Guard (NSG) has been keen on both the robots. At present, the NSG is carrying trials on the robots," a top DRDO official said.

In 2011, December, India’s first IED disposal robot, Daksh, was handed over to the army authorities in Mumbai.

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