China Deploys New Ballistic Missile After Trump’s Remark

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  • 10:52 AM, January 25, 2017
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China Deploys New Ballistic Missile After Trump’s Remark
China Deploys New Ballistic Missile After Trump’s Remark

China early this week announced the deployment of its new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ‘Dongfeng-41’ to Heilongjiang Province, a move which is seen as a response to newly-elected US President Trump's provocative remarks on the country.

Most military experts say this is the second Dongfeng-41 strategic missile brigade for deployment in northeastern China and this is classified at the highest military levels, Global Times reported Monday.

According to the report, the Dongfeng-41 is a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. With a range of 14,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads, it can target anywhere in the world and is widely considered one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The report says ‘Trump has been talking tough about China, and in turn, Beijing will ready itself for pressures imposed by the new US government’. Beijing has attached particular importance to the Dongfeng-41, it added.

Several newly appointed representatives of the Trump administration, including the possible secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, have said openly and clearly that the United States will confront China over its actions in South China Sea. President Trump has also said he will re-arm, rebuild and modernized the American military.   

However, the report stresses that China is not looking to provoke any military clash with the US, but China's nuclear arsenal must be able to deter the US.    

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