North Korean Spy Agency Chief Sacked For Abuse Of Power

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  • 11:22 AM, February 3, 2017
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North Korean Spy Agency Chief Sacked For Abuse Of Power
North Korean Spy Agency Chief Kim Won-hong

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has sacked the chief of the country's spy agency on suspected abuse of power after the ruling party conducted surveillance on the ministry.

Kim Won-hong, 72, was dismissed from the head of the Ministry of State Security after the party's audit late last year found his agency had abused its authority. His military rank may have been demoted to lieutenant general from full general, Yonhap News Agency reported today.

North Korea's security ministry has powerful authority as it screens so-called reactionary elements in society, supervises political prisoners' camps and even arrests those who attempt to flee the country.

In 2012, Kim Won-hong was appointed as the head of the spy agency in April 2012 after Kim Jong-un took office in late 2011. He is also known to have spearheaded the move to execute Jang Song-thaek in December 2013, the once-powerful uncle of the North's young leader.

Kim might have been dismissed for abusing his position and on corruption charges, adding there is a little chance for him to be reinstated.

South Korea's intelligence agency said that it cannot confirm whether he was dismissed from his post. North Korea's leader is believed to have executed hundreds if government and military officials for consolidating his oppressive rule.

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