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11:54 AM, February 7, 2017
Airbus, ENGIE Ineo To Deliver Communications Network For France's Air Operations
Future communications network (Image for representation only)

The French ministry of defense has selected Engie Ineo and Airbus to deliver a high-availability communications network to control French Air Force's air operations.

This eight-year contract signed with the French defence procurement agency (DGA) is part of the DESCARTES programme, the Airbus Defence And Space announced Monday.

The program aims to provide IP-based communications for forces involved in air operations, allowing them to collaborate with NATO and civil air traffic control networks.

Engie Ineo and Airbus will also be tasked with design, deployment and support of the operational telephone system and security system. Once completed, it will be rolled out in approximately 60 locations in France.

The DESCARTES programme is designed to upgrade all the infrastructure networks of the French Ministry of Defence to meet increased bandwidth, service quality as well as cyber security requirements. The programme includes a "general use" aspect designed to meet the needs of inter-ministerial initiatives in this area.

The program also includes a "resilient", highly secure aspect, able to operate even in the event of a serious crisis, in particular for the benefit of nuclear deterrence, joint services territorial organisation command, continuous air security and air traffic control communications. The upgrade also includes increased bandwidth and cybersecurity capabilities.

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