Announcement for Request For Proposal Related to Turkish Medium-Altitude Air Defence Missile System (T-MALADMIS) Procurement Program

  • (Source: Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Ind
  • 12:00 AM, November 5, 2008
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This is the announcement for Request for Proposal (RFP) related to Turkish Medium Altitude Air Defence Missile System (T-MALADMIS) Program under the Law 3238.>> The Scope of the Program/System:> T-MALADMIS RFP is issued in order to receive proposals for direct procurement of 1 (one) medium altitude air defence missile system composed of 1 (one) Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company and 3 (three) Batteries, each of which would have sufficient amount of launchers, missiles, radars, command-control and communication systems and other support equipments.>> Delivery Conditions and Required Documents for Receipt of RFP:> The electronic copy of RFP can be received by the authorized personnel of foreign air defence missile and/or ground system manufacturers or SADAD (Turkish Defence Industry Manufacturers Association) members which are capable to develop and manufacture subsystem(s) to be used in air defence missile systems.>> In order to receive RFP, the below procedure shall be followed:> -- First, the personnel duly authorized by the company/organization, shall submit to SSM his/her/their original authorization letter which is notary attested and the Product Catalogue of the company.> -- For foreign companies/organizations from signatory countries of Hague Convention, the authorization letter shall be authenticated via Apostille.> -- The authorized personnel of a foreign company/organization shall also submit his/her/their NATO Clearance or personnel clearance obtained from the related countrys authority.> -- The authorized personnel of a domestic company/organization shall submit his/her/their NATO Clearance or ahs Gvenlik Belgesi obtained from Ministry of National Defense (MND).