Russia's S-500 Missile System To Test In 2020

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  • 09:52 AM, February 20, 2017
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Russia's S-500 Missile System To Test In 2020
Futuristic drawing of S-500 air defense missile system from Almaz-Antey calendar.

Russia will be gearing up test of next generation S-500 air defense system test by 2020.

Russia is currently developing 600 kilometers S-500 Prometey anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missile system, Sputnik News reported Sunday.

The S-500, which is also known as 55R6M Triumfator-M, is designed by Almaz Antei. The distinct feature is that it can simultaneously intercept up to ten ballistic and hypersonic missiles traveling at a speed of up to 7 kilometers per second.

The Prometey is capable of engaging targets at an altitude of up to 200 kilometers, including satellites outfitted with electro-optical surveillance systems.

The S-500 will be a major upgrade to the S-400 complex that is already in service, and also its US counterpart – the Patriot Advanced Capability-3.

The S-500 is intended to serve as a high-altitude antiballistic missile system for home defense.

Further, its long range could make it useful for anti-access/area denial and antisatellite tasks.

“It is also evident that it is designed to be mobile and hard to detect or hack into, so as to resist air-defense suppression strikes," Sébastien Roblin wrote for the National Interest.

The first regiment of the S-500 missile systems will defend Moscow and central Russia. 

About a week ago, CEO of the United Instrument-Construction Corporation, Alexander Yakunin said that the new S-400, S-500 and ‘Vityaz’ missiles will equipped with the Tuf-MA and Tuf-M2 systems.

"This system will include a new modern design and digital signal processing systems that will decode signals and permit evading enemy,” Yakunin added.

The launch vehicle 77P6, based on the BAZ-69096 10x10 truck and the command posts 55K6MA and 85Zh6-2 on BAZ-69092-12 6x6 are few of main components of the S-500.

The S-500 is also equipped with the acquisition and battle management radar 91N6A(M), a modification of the 91N6 (Big Bird) towed by the BAZ-6403.01 8x8 tractor.

Another main component of the missile defense system is the 96L6-TsP acquisition radar, which is an upgraded version of the 96L6 (Cheese Board) on BAZ-69096 10x10.

The missile system's major components also include the multimode engagement radar 76T6 on BAZ-6909-022 8x8 as well as the ABM engagement radar 77T6 on BAZ-69096 10x10.

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