UAE Awards Rosoboronexport US$708 Million Anti-armor Missiles Contract: IDEX 2017 News

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  • 09:43 AM, February 21, 2017
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UAE Awards Rosoboronexport US$708 Million Anti-armor Missiles Contract: IDEX 2017 News
Russian Kornet E Anti-armor missile system

Russian arms agency Rosoboronexport has been awarded an AED2.6 billion (US$708 million approx) contract by the UAE Armed Forces to supply anti-armour missiles.

Staff Brigadier-General Rashid Mohammed Al Shamsi, Official Spokesperson of IDEX 2017 announced the deal in Abu Dhabi yesterday while not providing any further information.

However sources told that the selected system could be the Kornet-E, a shoulder fired anti-armour system effective against tanks, armoured personnel carriers, hovering helicopters and re-inforced fortifications and bunkers. It is even effective against explosive reactive armour, designed to defeat anti-tank projectiles.

The Kornet-E could also be mounted atop light armored vehicles in a cluster of 4 providing effective firepower against enemy armour. It could seek and destroy enemy tanks before they could sight the Kornet-E.

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