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10:56 AM, March 1, 2017
Leonardo To Deliver AESA Radar For North African User’s Unmanned Rotorcraft

Austrian-based Schiebel has selected Leonardo to deliver its active electronically-scanned array (AESA) radar technology for armed forces of an African Nation’s Camcopter S-100 unmanned air system (UAS).

PicoSAR radar will be used to support border-monitoring and anti-terrorism surveillance missions. PicoSAR will be delivered in 2017 and go into service the same year, the company announced Tuesday.

This is the second time Leonardo’s PicoSAR radar has been chosen by Schiebel, the first being in support of a surveillance service contract.

The two companies have also demonstrated a multisensor suite that included the PicoSAR and Leonardo’s SAGE electronic warfare system on the UAS to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and UK MOD, amongst others.

Leonardo is promoting PicoSAR, as well as its Osprey 30 radar and SAGE system to Australia as sensor options for the UAS, which RAN selected in December 2016.

PicoSAR packages advanced ‘electronically-scanning’ AESA technology into a small and lightweight unit ideally suited for unmanned vehicles. It is suitable for missions over both land and sea.

The recent UK Ministry of Defence ‘Unmanned Warrior’ trial, a major UAS demonstration that was held to demonstrate the benefits of unmanned systems to the Royal Navy, saw Leonardo’s SW4-Solo unmanned rotorcraft as well as the Camcopter S-100 both equipped with Leonardo AESA radars and electronic warfare systems.

During the trial, the sensors were able to extend the surveillance of naval vessels and improve situational awareness.

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