Russian Antey Submarines To Receive Kalibr Missile System

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  • 10:19 AM, March 8, 2017
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Russian Antey Submarines To Receive Kalibr Missile System
Russian Project 949A submarine

Russian Antey Project 949A submarines will receive Kalibr missile systems as part of an upgrade project, Russian media reports.

The submarines are currently armed with P-700 Granit cruise missiles and other anti-ship, anti-submarine weapons. The plan to upgrade the weapons systems for the submarines was announced by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

"The Zvezda shipyard is carrying out profound modernization of Project 949A nuclear submarines, including the replacement of armament with the Kalibr missile complex and also the replacement of navigation, life support and other systems," Yuri was quoted as saying by TASS.

Moscow has so far constructed 11 Project 949A Antey submarines, 8 of which have remained operational with the country's navy. Each vessel displaces 24,000 tons at sea.

Russia's Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering CEO Igor Vilnit adds all Project 949A Antey submarines will receive the upgrade.


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