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09:54 AM, March 11, 2017
Russian Navy To Commission Latest Deep-Water Torpedo 'Futlyar' In 2018
Russian Navy To Commission Deep-Water Torpedo 'Futlyar' In 2018

Russia will be completing tests of advanced deep-water homing torpedo named Futlyar (Fizik-2) this year and is expected to commission into service next year.

The new Russian torpedo will be able to reach speed more than 60 knots and hit targets at a range of over 35 miles.

"The tests of the newest Futlyar torpedo, an improved Fizik, are being carried out. They are planned to be completed by the end of 2017. The Russian Navy will put it into service in 2018," Sputnik news reported Friday.

The Futlyar torpedoes had improved systems of homing, remote control and its effective distance had also been increased if to compare with Fizik torpedoes.

Futlyar would be capable to reach speed more than 60 knots and depth of more than 540 yards and would be able to hit targets at a range of over 35 miles.

The sophisticated torpedo will be of heat-seeking design like the baseline model but it will have the ability to be controlled from the submarine. The Futlyar will also be supplied with an improved homing system with an extended underwater target lock-on range. "It will retain the baseline model’s range, speed and maximum launch depth - 50 km, over 50 knots and 400 m respectively," the source said.

The Futlyar torpedo, developed by St. Petersburg Research Institute of Marine Engineering, will also have the capability to be controlled from the submarine once launched.

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