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08:46 AM, March 14, 2017
Lockheed Martin Upgrades Airborne Multi-INT Lab
Lockheed Martin testbed

Lockheed Martin's manned airborne testbed, the Airborne Multi-INT Lab (AML), has been enhanced to expedite its ability to deliver decision-quality intelligence. 

The Airborne Multi-INT Lab aircraft, or AML, is a modified Gulfstream III business jet, which can be used to test various onboard sensors for military and non-military purposes, the company announced Monday.

The aircraft, a modified Gulfstream III business jet, was fitted to enable in-air experimentation for products with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

"Getting the right intelligence to those who need it is critical for any mission to succeed," Lockheed Martin C4ISR vice president Dr. Rob Smith said.

"The AML has furthered our ability to expedite solution delivery, reduce the risk of those solutions, and help us deliver differentiated capabilities affordably to our customers." He added.

The upgrade include an autonomous sensor control mode that can coordinate operations between the plane and onboard sensors, which will accelerate its ability to produce actionable intelligence from experimental data.

The AML's "plug-and-play" architecture was also modernised to improve the platform's ability to integrate with existing ground architectures, allowing for the rapid installment of new software and hardware.

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