Russian Nuclear Submarine Crews To Get Improved Escape Gear

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  • 11:47 AM, March 14, 2017
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Russian Nuclear Submarine Crews To Get Improved Escape Gear
Russian Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines

Russian Navy crews of the nuclear-powered submarines that are under construction will get improved escape gear.

"The crews of nuclear-powered and diesel-electric submarines will be supplied with the submariner’s improved escape gear designated for the personnel’s individual escape from a stricken submarine from depths of up to 220 meters," Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo was quoted as saying by Tass Monday.

"The submariner’s improved escape gear is planned to be supplied to the crews of nuclear-powered strategic and multipurpose submarines that are under construction for the Russian Navy, as well as to the crews of Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines, a series of which comprising six underwater cruisers will be built for the Pacific Fleet," the Navy’s spokesman said.

The submariner’s escape gear has undergone operational evaluation at the Research Institute of Rescue Works and Underwater Technologies of the Navy’s Military Training and Research Center, the spokesman said.

Simultaneously, there are plans to supply the improved escape gear to the crews of submarines already operational with the Russian submarine force.

The submariner’s escape gear comprises an insulating respiratory system and an escape and immersion suit. It can also be supplied with the PP-2 parachute system to brake the submariner’s surfacing and prevent Caisson’s disease (the decompression sickness).

According to the Navy’s spokesman, the escape equipment will allow working outside a submarine at depths of up to 20 meters.

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