UK's SEA Introduces Anti-Submarine Warfare Solution

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  • 12:02 PM, March 21, 2017
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UK's SEA Introduces Anti-Submarine Warfare Solution
UK's SEA Introduces Anti-Submarine Warfare Solution

Uk's SEA is launching a low cost, small Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solution based on application of its innovative thin line KraitArray towed sonar.

The system comprises a modular family of detection and countermeasures solutions that use common software to integrate SEA’s range in decoy and torpedo launchers with the light weight KraitArray.

The system was unveiled for the first time at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition  (LIMA ‘17).

The cost and size of traditional towed array systems, makes them an expensive option for many navies, both in terms of the cost of acquisition and the platform that is required to operate them.

The Krait Defence System offers an innovative alterative; the system is cheaper to acquire and support as well as being operable from small ships such as patrol craft and OPVs, the company announced today.

The system is designed such that it can be retrofitted either permanently or as a role fit solution. The Krait Defence System has four versions of the suite under the banners KraitSense, KraitSearch, KraitShield and KraitStrike.

“It is often physically and operationally impractical for smaller ships to carry a larger diameter towed line array system.” SEA Managing Director Steve Hill said.

KraitArray’s smaller diameter provides effective ASW capability and can be operated from a conventional ship or unmanned assets.

By integrating the sonar capability with SEA’s decoy and torpedo launchers, using common configurable software, ships can be fitted with a complete ASW solution.

KraitSense utilises the ASW technology as a passive acoustic towed array employing a conventional deck mounted module, housing a tow cable and handling system.

Benefits include low power consumption, small diameter, low weight and low drag. The resulting data is managed through an operator console housing SEA processing software.

KraitSearch configures the sonar to take on an active acoustic search and target localisation, employing an active source and active sonar processing software based on proven technology and single sourced hardware and software.

KraitShield elevates the system to a higher level by introducing defensive countermeasures, utilising an acoustic Firefly decoy or other hardware fired from SEA’s pneumatic launchers.

Benefits of this system include the ability to programme different acoustic decoy waveforms and to quickly and safely deploy the acoustic countermeasure into the water without the need for additional energetics.

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