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09:58 AM, March 22, 2017
Russia, India Likely To Sign Deal This Year For 48 Mi-17V-5 Helicopters
Mi-17V-5 Helicopter

Russia is likely to sign an agreement on deliveries of 48 Mi-17B-5 helicopters to India this year.

"I am sure that this year the deal on delivery of 48 Mi-17V-5 helicopters to India will be signed," Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department of Russia's Rostec State Corporation Victor Kladov said Wednesday.

Russia is also engaged in dialogue with countries of the Middle East and North Africa on delivery of Su-35 fighters, Kladov was quoted as saying by Sputnik news at Langkawi exhibition.

"Countries from North Africa and the Middle East region can be the next to acquire Su-35 fighters, the negotiations with them are being conducted," Kladov told, without specifying the countries.

Kladov also said that Russia will sign an agreement in 2017 for delivery and manufacturing in India of four project 11356 frigates.

"I am sure that this year the deal on the manufacturing of two frigates under the license in India and the delivery from Russia of two frigates of this project will be signed," Kladov told journalists.

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