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01:09 PM, April 6, 2017
Russian Aerospace Forces Gets Mobile Air Defense Missile Brigade

Russian Aerospace Forces has received Mobile anti-aircraft missile brigade (ZRBr) that is able to make shots over hundreds of kilometres in a matter of hours.

New ZRBr is highly mobile compounds capable in a matter of hours to make shots over hundreds of kilometers and create an insurmountable barrier for aircraft, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, Izvestia reported today.

The air defence was armed with anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 and S-400 missile and gun complexes "Carapace" and radars "Sky-M".

The first such military unit was the 24th anti-aircraft missile brigade in Abakan, another brigade to be deployed in the Far North.

Until recently, the defense regiments mainly carried on combat duty in places of permanent deployment, and not moved away from the object to hide behind.

The new team will not only enhance the mobility of air defence but also saves substantial funds, apart from eliminating the need to protect all targets in separate parts.

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