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09:14 AM, April 8, 2017
Chinese Navy Commissions New Warship For Anti-submarine Warfare Operations In South China Sea
An undated photo of a Chinese Jiangdao-class corvette.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has commissioned a new warship to its South Sea Fleet for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations in the disputed South China Sea.

A new Type 056/056A Jiangdao-class corvette, named Liupanshui, was commissioned at Yulin naval base in the port city of Sanya on Hainan Island on March 31, China Military Online reports Friday.

The PLAN reportedly aims for a fleet of up to 60 Type 056/056A Jiangdao-class corvettes — designated light missile frigates by the PLAN — with one new ship launched ever six weeks. The PLAN currently operates a fleet of 30 Type 056/056A Jiangdao-class corvettes.

The 1,500-ton ASW variant of the corvette is equipped with towed and variable depth sonars, in addition to two 324 millimeter triple torpedo launchers, four YJ-83 anti-ship missiles (two launchers with two missiles each) and a 76-millimeter main gun. The ASW variant’s flight deck also allows operation of a Harbin Z-9 military helicopter, specifically equipped for ASW missions.

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