Unidentified Drone Attack Following ISIS Rocket Fire Kills One: Arab Media

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  • 10:47 AM, April 12, 2017
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Unidentified Drone Attack Following ISIS Rocket Fire Kills One: Arab Media
A Pléiades satellite image of eastern Rafah, taken on 14 August 2014 at 11.50am, is marked with air strike craters (large red dots) and artillery craters (Image: Amnesty International)

An unidentified drone struck on a structure and a vehicle in Southern Rafah killing one and injuring several others after Islamic State’s rocket attack in Israel.

Following rocket fire directed at communities in the Eshkol Regional Council Monday morning, there was an unmanned aerial vehicle attack on a house in southern Rafah killing one person, Al Jazeera reported.

The Israeli defense forces have refused to comment on the reports. The report did not mention to whom the UAV belonged to. Local media outlets in Sinai, Egypt also reported an unidentified drone firing two missiles at a structure killing and wounding civilians.

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has declared a state of emergency. The Islamic State in Sinai has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz’s office in a statement said, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau said that Katz had taken the decision in consultation with Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman. Taking immediate effect, the crossing was shut down for those travelling to the Sinai Peninsula until the end of Passover on April 18, provided that the security situation improves.


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