Ukraine's Antonov AN−2−100 Lifts 3202 kg Cargo Weight

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  • 12:44 PM, April 12, 2017
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Ukraine's Antonov AN−2−100 Lifts 3202 kg Cargo Weight
AN 2 100 light aircraft

UKraine's Antonov’s AN-2-100 light aircraft has achieved a test flight, lifting a cargo weight of 3202 kg to the altitude of 2700m at the company’s base.

The AN−2−100 light aircraft is up−to−date modification of the world−known AN−2 biplane, the company announced Tuesday.

The attempt to set the record was made by a crew of test pilots of ANTONOV Company captained by Sergii Tarasiuk and co−piloted by Valerii Yepanchintsev. This crew is known in particular owing to expedition to the South Pole on the AN−3 aircraft.

Report on attempt to set the record will be sent to the International Federation of Aviation Sport. Leaders of enterprises of aircraft industry of Ukraine and United Aircraft Company took part in the event.

The AN−2−100 is intended for passenger, cargo and mixed cargo−passenger transportations on local airlines. It can be operated autonomously at small airfields, in a wide altitude range, under good and adverse climatic and weather conditions.

The main difference between the AN−2−100 and its predecessor is in a power plant with MC−14 turboprop engine, made and produced by Motor Sich stock company (Ukraine). One of the advantages of this replacement is substitution of the aviation gasoline for aviation kerosene. Thus, the aircraft profitability rises significantly. Besides, the AN−2−100 is equipped with the AV−17 reversible propeller (instead of the AV−2). The operational empty weight of AN−2−100 is 200 kg less than that of the AN−2.

This new aircraft was named “Henrih Ongirskii” after H.H. Ongirskii (1939−2012), Deputy General Designer of the ANTONOV Company, who made a great contribution in the AN−2 and AN−3 program development.

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