China Silent On India's Role in Rescuing Cargo Ship Near Gulf of Aden

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  • 10:46 AM, April 13, 2017
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China Silent On India's Role in Rescuing Cargo Ship Near Gulf of Aden
Indian Navy's INS Mumbai and Chinese OS 35

China has claimed full credit ignoring Indian Navy’s role for Gulf of Aden operations which involved OS35 cargo ship hijacked by pirates last Saturday.

The guided-missile frigate Yulin (Hull 569) of the 25th Chinese naval escort taskforce escorted Tuvalu's OS35 cargo ship to the safe waters off the Port of Aden in Yemen at around 10:40 on April 11, local time, China Military reported Wednesday.

The OS35 cargo ship was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden last Saturday about 1600 hrs local time.

After getting a distress call about the attack by pirates on the cargo vessel OS 35 last night with 19 Filipino crew members, the Indian Navy sent its two frontline warships, INS Mumbai and INS Tarkash, while the Chinese Navy also moved in its missile frigate Yulin, the Indian media reported Sunday.

The Chinese side however has not mentioned the role of Indian side in the incident.  

The Chinese media reported, “Upon receiving the report of hijack of the cargo ship, the guided missile frigate Yulin of the Chinese naval escort taskforce rushed to the incident area immediately. In the wee hours of April 9, a group of 16 special operation troops from the Yulin boarded OS35 and rescued the 19 crew members.”

To ensure the navigation security of the OS35 cargo ship, eight special operation soldiers and one translator who had participated in the rescue operation boarded the cargo ship for onboard guard, while the Yulin escorted the ship during the voyage.

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