US Led Coalition Bombs IS Militants' Chemical Weapons Depot: Syria

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  • 02:45 PM, April 13, 2017
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US Led Coalition Bombs IS Militants' Chemical Weapons Depot: Syria
US Led Coalition Bombs IS Militants' Chemical Weapons Depot: Syria

US-led coalition has bombed Daesh depot stores and chemical weapons in Deir ez-Zor on Wednesday, the Syrian General Staff said.

"The jets of the so-called US-led coalition launched a strike at about 17:30-17:50 on a Daesh warehouse where many foreign fighters were present, proving that terrorists possess chemical weapons," the Syrian military was quoted as saying by Sputnik news today.

Initiallly a white cloud and after that a yellow one appeared at the site of the strike, showing presence of a large number of poisonous substances.

 “A fire at the site continued until 22:30 [19:30 GMT]," the Syrian army's command said.

According to the Syrian General Staff, the US-led coalition's strike killed several hundred people, including civilians. Hundreds were poisoned as a result of the strike on Daesh's headquarters and depot with chemical weapons.

"This confirms that Daesh and al-Nusra terrorists possess chemical weapons and are capable of using, obtaining and transporting it," the document said.

The news follows as USA and its allies are condemning the Syrian government for a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib province on April 4.

Syrian opposition claimed on April 4 forces loyal to President Bashar Assad had used a chemical gas on people in the northwestern province, killing nearly 80 and injuring 200. Assad argued his government has no chemical weapons after agreeing to have them destroyed in 2013. Assad ruled out having used chemicals against own people.

On the contracry to Syrian military statement,the Russian Defense Ministry said the following day that the airstrike near Khan Shaykhun was carried out by Syrian aircraft, which struck a terrorist warehouse that stored chemical weapons slated for delivery to Iraq.

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