Iranian Army Showcases Long-range ‘Sayyad-3’ Missile At Parade

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  • 02:58 PM, April 18, 2017
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Iranian Army Showcases Long-range ‘Sayyad-3’ Missile At Parade
Iranian Army Showcases Long-range ‘Sayyad-3’ Missile At Parade (Tasnim news agency photo)
The Iranian Army displayed a home-grown long-range missile ‘Sayyad-3 during a military parade in Tehran on Tuesday. Other military equipment showcased in the parade include S-300 air defense missile system, Zolfaqar tank, personnel carriers, cannons, a wide variety of missiles, radars, missile defense systems, speedboats, torpedoes, military vehicles and bombs, Tasnim news agency reported. An upgraded version of a home-made air defense missile, dubbed the Sayyad 3 (Hunter 3), is designed to be mounted on the mobile version of S-200 air defense system. The air defense system is also equipped with locally-manufactured fire control radar, dubbed Ofoq. Elsewhere, in the countrys southern and northern waters, the Navys warships, destroyers and frigates sailed across the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea for parades.
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