Uk Navy's £1Billion Destroyer Damaged Due to Blaze

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  • 01:50 PM, April 26, 2017
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Uk Navy's £1Billion Destroyer Damaged Due to Blaze
Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon

UK’s £1billion HMS Dragon destroyer has been damaged in a blaze caused by a spark inside its machinery area while it was in the Portsmouth Naval base.

The crew rushed immediately to extinguish the fire before it swept through the Type 45 destroyer, Johnston Press reported Tuesday.

Teams managed to quell the flames before any serious damage was caused to the advanced air defense warship.

UK Royal Navy has confirmed to media that it has launched investigation to understand the cause of blaze.

"The fire was rapidly extinguished by members of the ship’s company. ‘No-one was injured. The incident will now be subject to an investigation," a spokeswoman based at navy command, on Whale Island, said.

Dragon was modernized with major propulsion system before rejoining the force, last year. The engines of the 151m had previously been infected with problems. Dragon returned to the fleet in July of last year.

In February, Dragon was used to rescue 14 sailors, who were stranded in Atlantic after having their yacht lost its mast.

The others are HMS Duncan, HMS Diamond, HMS Defender, HMS Dauntless and HMS Daring which is currently on deployment. Dragon will remain at the naval base while the investigation takes place. 

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