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02:28 PM, May 9, 2017
Electromagnetic Pulse Strike On US Could Be North Korea's Plan, Expert Warns
Electromagnetic pulse strike (Image for representation only)

US experts have warned that North Korea could be readying an electromagnetic pulse strike on the US with two satellites already orbiting above America.

However, there are fears that Pyongyang is secretly developing the capability to detonate a high-altitude nuclear weapon in space, setting off an EMP that would knock out electrical systems down with catastrophic consequences, Breitbart.com reported Monday.

"North Korea is positioning its satellites in a 'nuclear missile age, cyberage version' of battleship diplomacy 'so that they can always have one of them (satellites) very close to being over the United States," Dr Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security in America, warned.

North Korea has two earth observation satellites, each taking about 94 minutes to complete an orbit of the earth. KMS 3-2 and KMS-4 earth observation satellites were launched by North Korea in April 2012 and February 2016 respectively.

Finally when crisis is reached and we decide to attack North Korea, Kim Jong Un can threaten and say "Well, don’t do that because we are going to burn your whole country down." Which is basically what he said, Pry, also chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission said.

"I mean, he has made threats about turning the United States into ashes and he connected the satellite program to this in public statements to deter us from attacking." he added.

'If you wanted to win a New Korean war, one of the things you would certainly consider doing is taking out the United States homeland itself.' Pry suggested Pyongyang may be taking its inspiration from a plan the USSR drew up to attack America with an EMP during the Cold War.

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