Indian Authorities Seize China-Made DJI Phantom-4 PRO Drones From Passenger In Bengaluru

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  • 02:43 PM, May 16, 2017
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Indian Authorities Seize China-Made DJI Phantom-4 PRO Drones From Passenger In Bengaluru
China-Made DJI Phantom-4 PRO Drone

Indian Authorities have seized ten DJI Phantom-4 PRO drones that can record high definition video from two kilometres and capable to perform action upon finding obstacles by itself, from a passenger at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru last week.

The drones, equipped with an advanced satellite navigation system, can fly at 6,000 metres with a half-kg payload, Times of India reported Tuesday.

Experts warn that the high-end DJI Phantom-4 PRO drones can pose a serious security threat, and authorities have commenced a probe into the matter, conducting searches in Bengaluru and Chennai following the seizure.

The DJI Phantom-4 PRO is an intelligent vehicle that can act by itself upon finding obstacles. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent battery system, besides having an advanced satellite navigation system compatible with GPS and the Russian GLobal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS).

The drones are capable of live-streaming hi-definition images and videos - which can be recorded from as far as two kilometres - and can be geo-located from anywhere.

The specifications indicate the DJI Phantom-4 PRO is a suitable vehicle to carry out urban recce and surveillance missions, experts in the intelligence wing and scientists working on India's national UAV programme said.

Further, it can carry a payload that adds to the threat perception. Another notable feature of the drone is that has a "Tap-by-Use" option, allowing users to tap on an individual in a crowd on his screen and further enabling drone to lock and track the person.

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