Software Issue Dogs US Navy F-35 fighter Jet's Gun Pod Accuracy

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  • 12:01 PM, May 17, 2017
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Software Issue Dogs US Navy F-35 fighter Jet's Gun Pod Accuracy
F-35 fighter jet

The US Navy's F-35B fighter jet tested its gun pod for the first time earlier this week with doubts over the accuracy of fire owing to a software issue.

The gun pod can fire 55 rounds per second and has capacity to carry 220 rounds of 25 mm firepower.

The gun pod allows the ship-based fighters the option to sacrifice a little stealth, drag, and range for 220-rounds of 25 mm firepower, various media reported Tuesday.

The A-10 Warthog, the US Army's close-air support champion, has 1,350 rounds of 30 mm, is suitable for flying low and slow, loitering in the sky, and delivering its precise fire to provide close air support.

The F-35's smaller magazine capacity is meant to provide quick and precise strikes by drawing upon its suite of sensors, electronic-warfare capabilities, and stealth.

However, a software needed to properly aim the gun is yet to be fully developed, reports said.

The US Government Accountability Office said earlier it could take a full year and millions of dollars in additional funding for the software to be fully developed.

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