Indonesia Begins Operation of Ukrainian Armoured Vehicle ‘BTR-4M’

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  • 03:01 PM, May 26, 2017
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Indonesia Begins Operation of Ukrainian Armoured Vehicle ‘BTR-4M’
Indonesia Begins Operation of Ukrainian Armoured Vehicle ‘BTR-4M’

Indonesia’s Marine Corps has officially begun operating five Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers BTR-4M, which were delivered in January this year.

Marine battalion of Indonesian Marine Corps has officially began using of five Ukrainian BTR-4M, which were delivered by "SpetsTechnoExport" in January this year. This was announced by director of "SpetsTechnoExport" Pavlo Barbul.

"The handover of new Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers BTR-4M to military units of the Indonesian Marine Corps has been completed. So, from early May, among other machines, Indonesian Marines are serving on BTR-4M. Before that, our APCs have successfully passed the trials in Indonesia and proved their excellent amphibian capabilities, shooting accuracy from different types of weapons and very good driving performance in mountainous terrain,” said director of SpetsTechnoExport, Pavlo Barbul. 

Delivery of 5 armoured personnel carriers BTR 4-M, which are produced at Ukroboronprom’s Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, was successfully completed within the framework of the contract, signed between the SE SFTE Spetstechnoexport and the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia in 2014. 

Before accepting into operation, the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia conducted trial tests of the Ukrainian armoured personnel carriers in the territory of their country. Following the results of those tests, a Protocol was signed on performing functional tests. The special committee of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia has confirmed, that Ukrainian made APCs comply with all 47 evaluation specifications of this Protocol. 

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