Israel's Aeronautics Group To Present Multi-Mission 'Orbiter 4' UAS At Paris Air Show

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  • 11:28 AM, May 30, 2017
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Israel's Aeronautics Group To Present Multi-Mission 'Orbiter 4' UAS At Paris Air Show
Israel's Aeronautics Group To Present Multi-Mission 'Orbiter 4' UAS At Paris Air Show

Israel-based Aeronautics Group will present its newly manufactured UAS ‘Orbiter 4’ that can carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously, at the Paris Air Show.

The Orbiter 4 can carry a maritime patrol radar (MPR) together with a cellular interception sensor, and conduct land or maritime ISTAR missions beyond Line Of Sight.

Alongside its line of UAS's and for the very first time, the company will also present the Pegasus 120: Aeronautics' first multi rotor platform.

Aeronautics has recently stepped into the field of multi-rotor platforms, with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) solutions designed especially for defense and security mission. With the ability to carry payloads weighting up to 75 Kg, the Pegasus 120 is suitable for special missions and Special Forces.

Together with the Orbiter 4 and Pegasus 120, Aeronautics will also present the Orbiter 1K loitering unmanned system, Orbiter 3 Small Tactical UAS and the Aerostar tactical UAS.

The Orbiter 4 STUAS/NSUAS is an advanced multi-mission platform with an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously. With an open architecture, the Orbiter 4 can be specially adjusted for the needs of each client or mission.

Among the different payloads the Orbiter 4 can carry are Maritime patrol radar (MPR) and Cellular interception sensor.

Cellular interception sensor allows Orbiter 4 to conduct ISR missions over different theaters exploiting various communication technologies in-use by targets.

The sensor overcomes ground intelligence collection constraints of inaccessible areas and LOS limitations, while expanding coverage and ensuring covert operation.

The other payloads it can carry are Satellite communication, Controp's advanced XR electro-optic payload and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

Based on the aerodynamic structure and properties of the Orbiter 3 STUAS, Orbiter 4 abilities include maximum endurance of more than 24 hours, maximum takeoff weight of 50 KG, maximum flight attitude of 18,000 feet and an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously. 

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