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10:50 AM, June 3, 2017
US SPL Ops Command To Procure Observation and Neutralization Craft
SEAL Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization (SEALION) craft. (NAVSPECWARCOM photo)

The US Special Operations Command has awarded a $17 million worth contract to Vigor Works LLC. for third Sea, Air, and Land Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization (SEALION) Combatant Craft Heavy (CCH) for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) surface fleet.

“Vigor Works LLC, Clackamas, Oregon, was awarded a $17,493,457 “C” type contract for the design, construction, testing and support of a third Sea, Air, and Land Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization craft in support of Special Operations Command,” the US Department of Defense announced Friday.

This contract is necessary in support of Special Operations Forces core tasks of counter-proliferation, counterterrorism, direct action, special reconnaissance, and irregular warfare, it states.

Work is expected to have a period of performance of 24 months.

The vessels belonging to the Navy SEALs are part of a project called Sealion, which stands for SEAL (Sea Air Land Commandos) Insertion, Observation and Neutralization.

Launched in 2000, SEALION project is for developing a high-speed, low observable/low radar signature craft that could operate in the littorals i.e. the part of sea close to shore. The original Sealion measured 71 feet and required a crew of one or two sailors to operate. It was capable of 40 knots under normal conditions and no less than 30 knots in sea states as high as level five.

The original Sealion, cost $9 million and was delivered in 2003.