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04:50 PM, June 8, 2017
Argentina Modernizes Elta Radar System With Wireless Communication Capability
Argentina Elta Radar System With Wireless Communication Capability

Argentina's Ministry of Defense has upgraded an Elta radar systems with ability of wireless communication between the transceiver and the processor, permitting the system to record plots, and remember plots represented on the screen. 

The Air Force personnel has upgraded a single unit to use as a prototype in order to test the upgrades to fulfill operational requirement for more flexible display systems.

Work was done personnel of Group I of Anti-Aircraft Defense and of the Squadron of Major Maintenance of Anti-Aircraft Weapons at the Center for Applied Research (CIA) in Cordoba, Forecast International reported Wednesday. 

The modernization will facilitate the identification of the target path and enable the system to convert the data into ASTERIX format, which is the standard used by the Argentine Air Force for the transmission of radar information of all its sensors. 

Following tests and field verifications, CIA officials concluded that the prototype meets the performance standard. As a result, the prototype was sent to Mar del Plata to continue testing and to fine tune the technology before proceeding with updates to the remaining five systems. 

Argentina did not indicate which Elta radar systems are being upgraded. However, Forecast International records show that Argentina has Elta's EL/M-2106 in its inventory. The Air Force pairs those radar systems with RH-202 and Oerlikon 20mm cannons. 

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